About Us

about usBaldwin Associates Helps You Navigate Through the Complexities of Land Development

Baldwin Associates is a land use planning and zoning consulting company who focuses on helping client navigate the increasingly complex land use approval process. Baldwin Associates provides our clients not only in-depth zoning ordinance analysis and zoning hearing representation, but also strategic interaction with government officials, zoning board members and neighbors impacted by proposed projects. Baldwin Associates offers in-depth local zoning ordinance, zoning laws and land use case law analysis.

We provide our clients with experienced representation at zoning hearings. Our professionals plan for each hearing in great detail following procedures established through preparation for many such hearings. Our experience rewards our clients with proven strategies that maximize community and governmental involvement with the zoning proposal, resulting in solutions that please both the client and the community. We are politically savvy and recognize when it is appropriate to win the battle and when to win the war.

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